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Mobile application marketing, or mobile app promotion, is an interactive process which takes place throughout the lifecycle of mobile apps. It involves app developers communicating with existing or potential app users to develop effective mobile marketing app campaigns to increase customer acquisition and user retention. In essence, mobile app promotion is about reaching your users at every stage of the marketing funnel – from the moment they discover it in the app store (whether that’s Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or another) – guiding them to install or download the app and beyond. Instead of relying on luck, formulating and implementing mobile app promotion and marketing strategies is the preferred option. Understanding how to properly implement a roadmap and getting eyes on your mobile application will immensely improve your chances at succeeding in taking over the app market.


Mobile app marketing or promotion refers to the process of optimizing an app with the aim to make it more useful, user-friendly, and search-engine friendly so that it gets better rankings and more downloads in the App Store and produces more ROI to the app owner.

Mobile app promotion in Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads is an advertising platform that allows you to place ads in the search results of the App Store. Payments are CPT-based (cost per tap). Campaigns are configured according to the keywords, the standard seo principle. In general, the tool has a fairly good conversion rate, since consumers usually use branded search terms, knowing in advance what they are searching

Tech vitals are the best app marketing strategies?

This all depends on what type of app you’re creating, where you distribute it, and how users interact with it.
However, there are some common mobile app marketing strategies which can help increase your chances of success:
Do Your Research – It’s important to so you understand potential customers and their preferences.
Do more research –You also need to perform competitor analysis to see what similar app developers are doing. Is there a niche for your app business or do you need to try a different angle?
Make a landing page – a landing page, or teaser page, is an effective and creative way to inform and intrigue your users. Make sure to include key information, such as app name, app icon, screenshots/ mockups, and a call to action. You can also think about including a feature video or positive app reviews.
Increase your app’s visibility in the app store – Use ASO (app store optimization) strategies to increase your app ranking.
Measure your KPIs – A key part of all marketing campaigns is measuring product performance. Mobile app development is no different. Keep a track of app downloads, app installs, in-app purchases, negative reviews and anything else you need to identify areas for optimization.
Target your audience on social media – Social networks can provide you with key information about new users’ interests, browsing habits and needs, so you can find and attract users in a more targeted way. Consider promoting your app through Linkedin and Facebook groups, content discovery tools and online forums

Getting Started with Mobile App Marketing

Here is a shortlist of things we will talk about:

  • Pre-launch plan.
  • Marketing during app launch.
  • App store optimization.
  • Users acquisition and retention.
  • Idea development.

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