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Brand promotion is the marketing communication strategy to inform, persuade, convince, and influence the decision making process of buyers when they choose a particular brand. It is done with the purpose of promoting brand awareness to create consumer’s interest. So they could make sale and convert them into loyal customer.  Branded content allows a brand to authentically find new consumers, build advocacy and drive business impact at the intersection of culture and advertising. Businesses want to share their brand story in partnership with creators – creating authentic, resonant and compelling creative that drives business results.


Our experience in Brand Promotions and Event Marketing will ensure that your team has turnkey support in choosing the perfect date, venue, and promotional mix to drive the traffic and awareness for your products or services. We guarantee the lowest possible prices on venues, staffing, and collateral; driving down the cost of each impression, and increasing ROI. If you’re looking to get creative, then we have the perfect team to assist you in developing an exceptionally innovative marketing platform that will surely garner Press and PR for your brand. Lean on us to make sure your event marketing is done right every time!

Social Media Promotion

Social media websites such as Facebook and Google+ offer companies a way to promote products and services in a more relaxed environment. This is direct marketing at its best. Social networks connect with a world of potential customers that can view your company from a different perspective.

It’s vital to determine your promotional marketing objectives so that you can achieve your goals. There are various objectives to bring into focus:

Promotion of new products or services. It is possible to introduce new products and services to the market against existing ones — a chance to find a place in the niche.
Development of brand image. Brand image is when people associate a brand with a particular product. For instance, when you think about toothpaste, Blend-a-med and Colgate come to your mind, when you think about tires, it’s Pirelli and Bridgestone when you think about soccer — it’s Manchester United and Real Madrid. This promotion objective tends to create or restore the brand image and makes products more recognizable amongst others in the market.
Informing customers. Marketing promotion is vital for telling people about changes in products or brand’s policies. It also helps to describe the features and details of the products.
Showing superiority over competitors. Everybody uses promotion marketing these days, so to be competitive, each brand needs to apply a long-term promotional strategy.
Turning potential buyers into real customers. If promotion marketing styles like personal selling, advertising, and others are used appropriately, they stimulate demand for the product.

Types of Promotional Marketing

Personal selling
Direct marketing
Sales promotions
Public relations

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